"Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Tweed Heads"

Anglican Diocese of Grafton

About Us

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Tweed Heads. We are a parish within the Anglican Diocese of Grafton and the last parish in NSW before crossing the border into Queensland. We are a part of the Anglican Church of Australia and the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Our Parish Church, St. Cuthbert’s, is located in the bustling heart of Tweed Heads, a community that stretches along the banks of the Tweed River in north-eastern NSW.

Our Church is named in honour of St Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne (684-687) and a saint of the early Northumbrian church in the Celtic tradition. Our Parish seeks to honour the traditions of the Anglican Church whilst remaining open to the movement of God’s Spirit in the world.

As a Parish, we extend to you an invitation to join us for worship on any occasion.

Service Times: (NSW time)

Currently Worship is Sundays at 9am and Wednesdays at 10am

With COVID-19 restrictions in place.

If you have any queries please call our office on 07 5536 1060





Parish Priest – Rev’d Dway Goon Chew

The Reverend Dway Goon Chew is the current Parish Priest at St Cuthberts.

There are a number of Retired Clergy and Lay Ministers active within the life of the Parish.

Rev. Dway can be contacted by calling 07 5536 1060

or by email priest@stcuthbertschurch.com.au



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Ministry Options

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