Following the Exodus Story

The Exodus story is the central story of the Jewish faith, it is also one of the great foundation stories of the Christian faith; it is a story of God’s salvation and a story of trust and transformation. During the months of September and October the lectionary provides us with a selection of readings from the Exodus story, which map the journey of God’s people from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land. In our Sunday services we will focusing on these Old Testament readings as we seek to learn from the story of Moses and the people of Israel.

Alternating preaching on the Gospel and the Old Testament readings has a long history in the Anglican Church as we recognise the importance of the whole of scripture for our understanding of who God is and who we are to be as the people of God.  The story of Moses is a particularly important one for us to reflect on since this is the year we hear from Matthew’s gospel and one of the key ways in which Matthew understands Jesus is as the new Moses, the deliverer and instructor of God’s people. Understanding Moses’ story may help us to understand the story of Jesus and our own story in a new light.


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