Sunday Intercessions 29-03-2020

5th Sunday in Lent  -  Church Intercessions 29.3.2020

Readings: Ezekiel 37:1-14, Psalm 130, Romans 8:6-11, John 11:1-45.

Father God, we acknowledge your greatness as revealed in both the vastness of the universe and in the rich variety of life we see in the world. That you care for your creation is undeniable for you sent Jesus that we would be shown the way to live, both in harmony with our neighbours and with the rest of creation.

So hear us now as we bring before you, in our prayers of intercession, our hopes and dreams in the days leading up to Easter with the promise of lives reborn. As we pray for better human relationships, for lives restored to wholeness and for Peace on Earth, we seek no more than your grace allows.

Lord we pray for your Church and families as they journey through Lent and prepare for Easter celebrations, that its message will reach beyond the flowers and Easter eggs to carry the hopes of all Christians, for a rebirth of the spirit and for a strong witness for Christ which touches the hearts of those beyond its bounds. We pray for our own church here at St. Cuthbert’s; for new ways of being a Church and for all who give of their time and talents in so many ways.

Lord, in your mercy  – ‘Hear our prayer’

We are blest with a world of great beauty, of great extremes of climate and geography and of life in uncountable diversity. We pray for those scientists tasked with assessing our impact on the world’s climate and the consequences that any change will bring.

We remember those who are directly affected by Covid19 and the great distress it causes on the victims, their families and those around them. We pray for a containment of the virus and that the scientists may be able to expeditiously create a cure.

We remember Martha, the practical sister, who did the work and cooked the meal. We ask for your strength and blessing on all of those who work hard and look after others. We pray that their acts of kindness would be blessed and that they would know your encouragement for all that they do. May we never take for granted those who work hard so that we can enjoy our lives and we pray that we would do all we can to ensure that nobody would ever feel that their contribution was not recognised and valued.

Father, humans can be impatient and we ask that by the power of your spirit, hearts and minds may be calmed and that sensible, unselfish actions might prevail, especially as we are encouraged to isolate as much as possible. May it be a time when homes become places of bonding and renewal of more simple family life where connections are strengthened and love

Lord, in your mercy  – ‘Hear our prayer’

Loving father, We pray for all families in whatever shape or form – that children will be loved and nurtured and encouraged to lead active and fulfilling roles in society.

We pray for all agencies, both paid and voluntary, that support families through these difficult times. May the support and care that has been made available be received by those most in need.

Lord Jesus, you had dinner with the sisters Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus, who you raised from the dead. Mary anointed your feet with perfume worth a year’s wages and wiped your feet with her hair. You saw her action as an act of generosity and love, a preparation of your body for your passion and death. May we be inspired to offer what we have to you in your service and may we bold to show our love for you in acts of devotion, as we seek to be kind and generous to those who are in need. Open the hearts, minds and wallets of the nation to return to the importance of mateship and supporting each other with generosity and love.
Lord, in your mercy  – ‘Hear our prayer’

We remember the challenge of the treasurer Judas, he begrudged the waste of money because he had a greedy heart and wanted to keep the money for himself. So we pray for all those in authority that they would be people of kindness and concern for others. We pray for honesty in all of those in public office that they would carry out their duties with integrity and justice and that the great issues of the day will be debated honestly and openly and that decisions reached will based on the best information available and applied with fairness at all levels across our diverse society.

Lord, in your mercy  – ‘Hear our prayer’

We also remember those whose journey through life has ended and we pray for those left behind to grieve. Let them know that nothing is more dependable in times of sorrow than your steadfast and encircling love.

Lord, in your mercy  – ‘Hear our prayer’

Here we are Lord, just as you did, trusting in your Father’s love. So let us also go on in faith and hope, into the days ahead with all its joys and sorrows too, guided on our way with your Spirit’s presence within us.
Merciful Father, “Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen”.